• axeff

welcome to bittersweet scans!

The bittersweetscns community is a community for my random arashi/kanjani8/tokio scans.
I upload the scans directly as pictures and not as pdf/mass downloads on other hosting sites.

As per any filesharing comm I have a few requests:
- Don't pass these scans off as your own. I understand that watermarks can ruin a pretty picture, so I'm not going to put them on the scans.
- It's totally fine if you want to translate them or post my scans on social media, just leave a little 'credit to bittersweetscns@lj'.
- Leave a comment of thanks sometimes if you can! (´・∀・`)

Membership is moderated, but just leave a comment on this post saying hi and that you'll follow the rules and click join! (´・∀・`)
Comments will be screened after accepting membership.

(Just a heads up: my scans aren't the best in the world - I focus more on getting the pictures in rather than the words. Apologies in advance!)